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We are a Swiss competence center for Welding, Joining and Cutting with the head office in Basel.

The SVS was founded in 1911. That means, the Swiss Welding Association has over 100 years of experience in joining and testing technology.

Our company is independent, innovative and customer-oriented. We offer training and education lessons for welders, welding coordinators and welding inspection personnel, theoretical and practical training in material testing, as well as consulting and inspection services.

We are a non-profit organisation which is working for private clients or companies. We have a well-trained staff, a technical training center and a material knowledge laboratory. Our network allows us to have access to international know-how in welding, joining and cutting. We also offer advice for our members in all aspects of safety at work.

National Centre for External Evaluation of Education (HR)

The Centre is responsible for providing objective and independent feedback on pre-tertiary education system in the Republic of Croatia.

The Centre is a public institution responsible for external evaluation of pre-tertiary education in the Republic of Croatia, including the assessment of student achievement of learning outcomes. i.e. testing.

The objectives of external evaluation:

  • to establish a system for improving the quality of education
  • to establish a system for standardized evaluation of knowledge, skills and competences

Activities of the Centre:

  • administers exams based on which national standards of students’ academic achievement are evaluated (State Matura exams, national exams and other external evaluation exams)
  • takes part in international assessments in education (PISA, TIMSS, TALIS, ICCS…)
  • builds item banks
  • analyzes, statistically processes and publishes the results of administered exams
  • produces and publishes exam catalogues and handbooks for preparation and administering exams
  • based on evaluation analyses, gives suggestions to the Ministry of Science and Education for permanent improvement of the quality of education
  • conducts external evaluation of experimental programs
  • prepares models for external evaluation of educational institutions, licensing and certifying vocational qualifications
  • organizes seminars for external collaborators (authors of exam items, scorers, boards for particular subjects etc.) about exam preparation, production and administration
  • conducts and takes part in scientific research in the area of educational measurement and external evaluation of knowledge, skills and other competences
  • performs other tasks regarding administering State Matura, national exams and other external evaluation exams.


The Centre’s mission is to provide valid and objective monitoring and the external evaluation of the national education system, in collaboration with its stakeholders in order to define and improve the quality of education.


We are a leading national and regional, as well as internationally acclaimed institution, which through the objective and transparent external evaluation of learning outcomes, the development and implementation of the system of external evaluation of education, the licensing and certification of key stakeholders in education, the conducting of international research in education, educating stakeholders on the quality of education at all levels of the system, research and development in educational measurement, and assuring self-sustainability and strengthening partnerships with other institutions, continually promotes and develops the quality of the education system and fosters positive change within it.


  • Autonomy and responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Objectivity
  • Collaboration


Croatian Welding Society (HR)

The Croatian Welding Society (HDTZ) is the authorised national body of Croatia for training and education of welders, welding coordinators, specialists, technologists, engineers.
It will have an advisory role in matters dealing with welder education at national level and give strong support in implementation of dissemination strategy.