Učilište ULJANIK, Ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih (HR) – Applicant Organisation (Coordinator)

College ULJANIK was established on 12 July 2006 in order to raise the level of education and skills of workers in the ULJANIK Group, primarily in manufacture and shipbuilding occupations. The activity of the College ULJANIK is carrying out secondary adult education through various training programs. Our primary task is education of welders, ship-fitters and ship pipe fitters. Head teachers and trainers for these professions are people with great practical experience. Of 4000 employees total, 500 are welders, most of them trained and upskilled in our institution for education of adults.

EWF – European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (BE) – Partner Organisation

EWF – European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting is an international non-profit association aiming at the collaboration in the study and solution of welding-related problems encountered within its fields of competence and in the removal of technical barriers. The exchange of scientific and technical information, the preparation of harmonised rules for the education and training of personnel involved in welding, joining (such as bonding) and related technologies, and the encouragement of projects for co- operative research, enable EWF to act as the representative of the welding community in Europe. EWF is an organisation registered in the EC Transparency Portal.

The EWF members are the relevant national welding institutes and organisations from 31 European countries which, together, have made great efforts for the updating and harmonisation of training and education in the field of welding technology. It is a pioneering organisation in education and qualification, and a good practice example, developing the first harmonised scheme embracing several European countries for the training of personnel at all levels, from crafts people to engineers.

It started in the 1980’s an analysis of the existing levels of education in welding in the EU and EFTA countries and, upon the results, it was possible to define common harmonised levels of education, training and qualification.

Aware of the importance of the mobility of labour within Europe, a standard examination system was also developed to ensure that welding personnel trained according to the EWF system is examined in a uniform way, allowing that the recognition of personnel skills is able according to the same minimum standard.

The EWF expertise can be quickly summarized:

  • 31 European + 18 non-European Countries;
  • 41 Authorized National Bodies (ANB), responsible for national implementation of the EWF System;
  • 683 Authorized Training Bodies using EWF Course Guidelines and awarding EWF diplomas;
  • Wide network of large companies and SMEs;
  • EWF System implemented in Higher Education institutions
  • Certification of Companies according to EWF system;
  • 260.000+ diplomas and certificates issued.

The Secretariat and projects team of EWF are currently set up in Portugal, where the administrative and financial management of the association is established.

CESOL – Asociación Española de Soldadura y Tecnologías de Unión (ES) – Partner Organisation

CESOL is an Association of Persons and Companies, independent and non-profit, in the service of welding and other joining technologies. The organization specializes in information, certification of people, products and processes, training, advice and technical assistance to industries that use welding and other joining technologies.

CESOL maintains permanent relations with virtually all Associations and National Institutes with similar characteristics throughout the world, either directly or through organizations: EWF, which is a member and IIW, providing one of the representatives in their national governing bodies.

IIS Progress srl (IT) – Partner Organisation

Since IIS has been founded, education and training has been an essential activitiy.The first course run in IIS was the “specialization course for Engineers and Technologists” (1952). This course has been updated through the years, until it has been included as a whole in the EWF and IIW courses for personnel with responsibilities for welding coordination activities, as a result of the international harmonization process in the filed. Since then, education and training offered by IIS has been growing in the extent, covering almost all welding and related technologies. Being strictly linked with the industrial world is one of the most appreciated features of IIS education and training activities; as a matter of fact, technological transfer of industrial experience of the IIS Group and of industrial best practices is a part of the IIS mission. This is achieved also through the on filed experience of teachers and instructors involved, as it is transmitted through the courses. Similar attention is paid to the education and training materials, which include customised reference textbooks and presentations, a large number of representative specimens and richness of equipment as per quantity and quality.The activities are carried out under the several authorisations and acknowledgements, such as:

  • Authorised Training Body (ATB) EWF and IIW,
  • Examination centre according to ISO 9712
  • Training school acknowledged by the European Space Agency (ESA)

In 2013 the reorganization of the Italian Institute of Welding was completed by creating IIS PROGRESS srl, the IIS Group company that carries out Education and Training, Laboratory and Research activities aimed at supporting industry in technological sustainable progress. The company operates through its headquarters in Genoa and the regional offices in Legnano (MI), Mogliano Veneto (TV), Modena (MO), Priolo Gargallo (SR), Taranto (TA) and Rome (RM). IIS PROGRESS performs the traditional activities of theoretical education and practical training of personnel in the field of joining techniques and non destructive testing and, at its Laboratory, performs analysis, testing and inspection of construction materials and components, provides technical assistance and accomplishes scientific studies, research and experiments dealing with welding and allied technologies and all their industrial applications.

Industrijsko-obrtnička škola Slavonski Brod (HR) – Partner Organisation

The Industrial and Trade School Slavonski Brod (IOS SB) is a large secondary vocational school in Croatia. Each year the school educates 950 students and around 150 attendants of lifelong learning programmes. The basic school programmes are professions from the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering, shipbuilding, road traffic and safety. The programme is executed by 86 teachers.

The basic school objectives are:

  • Lifelong education of full-time students and adults who wish to improve in their profession, or train/qualify in a new profession, all according to the labour market demands.
  • Acting in the local community as a promoter of vocational professions, the foundation of every society,
  • Co-operation with the business sector, chambers and employment agencies in promoting the professions directed towards the labour market needs,
  • Linking with EU partners for the purpose of promotion of modern education methods in LLP and remote learning, of new professions harmonised with the labour market and of European values.

The school educates welders in a two-year programme (60 students) for three welding procedures – MMA, MAG and TIG. In the last three years the school has made significant progress in modernizing the welder training by introducing VWTSs into it and using modern technologies and methodology in the teaching process (mobile phones, Facebook, etc).

KONČAR Metalne konstrukcije (HR) – Partner Organisation

KONČAR – Metalne konstrukcije d.d. (KONČAR – Steel Structures Inc.) is a company specialized in steel and aluminium products with its annual production currently surpassing 7000 tonnes.

The majority of company products, including transformer tanks, isolated phase busbars, special aluminium and copper welded conductors and flexible winding mandrels, are exported on various EU markets.