Anticipated educational accomplishments of students/participants upon completion of vocational education for occupation welder are to acquire basic vocational competences of a certain level, scope, profile and quality necessary for acquisition of qualifications needed at the labor market, for further education and lifelong learning and for their personal growth.

Goal of vocational curricula is acquisition of vocational competences prescribed by the vocational qualification standard, and the principle goal of vocational education is a well-trained person ready for work, responsible and independent according to the expectations of their level of qualifications.

Foundation for development of educational programs – syllabuses for welders – are vocational curricula leaning on occupational and qualification standards.

Occupational standard is a document that clearly states competences necessary for a specific occupation.

One and the same qualification can be acquired at different educational institutions through different educational programs. However, all of these programs have to comply with certain standards in the sense of prescribed learning outcomes within the qualifications. Educational programs have to be harmonized with qualification standards, which means they lead to fulfillment of learning outcomes.

It is our goal to open up the path towards harmonization of welder qualifications and competences based on learning outcomes at the European area with so defined European framework VET curricula. In other words: same welding process, same level of education = harmonized welder competences at European level. This would enable undisturbed mobility of welders in Europe and wider.

The applied methodology and teaching aids in education and training are completely involved in the everyday life of young people and their habits in order to ensure the type of learning they need and fully respond to. Acquisition of knowledge and skills is made possible by applying all three types of learning: formal, informal and non-formal. This is a short description of the innovative teaching process.