14. 12. 2017. Goran Pikot

Workshop on December 14, 2017., Porto Salvo (PT)

Workshop on learning outcomes (new methodology EWF)

Workshop on Learning Outcomes 

14 December 2017  Porto Salvo – Portugal

Organisation: EWF

Duration: 8 hours

Goal: Provide a comprehensive understanding on how to describe learning outcomes for the European Welder Qualifications

Expected outcomes:

  • Apply the EWF methodology for writing learning outcomes;
  • Write LOs for Modules 1 (Theoretical) and 7 (Practical);
  • Establish the workload for the modules 1 and 7;
  • Assign ECVET credit points to Module 1 and 7.





9:00 Welcome  

9:05 – 10:30

Introduction to key concepts:

  • EQF (European Qualifications Framework)
  • ECVET (European Credit System for VET)
  • LOs (Learning Outcomes)
  • EWF Methodology to write LOs



Coffee break – 15 minutes
10:45 – 12:15

EWF methodology into practice:

  • Welder Qualification Profile / Qualification Standards
  • Job functions (Action) and required activities (Performance Criteria)

Working groups


Writing activity

Lunch break – 60 minutes
13:15 – 15:15

EWF methodology into practice

  • Learning outcomes for Module M1 and M7

Working groups


Writing activity

Coffee break – 15 minutes
15:30 – 17:00 EWF methodology into practice

  • Learning outcomes for Module M1 and M7

Conclusions and next steps

Working groups


Writing activity


Additional information: Supporting materials will be provided during the workshop (e.g. slides presentation, examples and templates of EWF methodology for writing LOs, etc.)

A certificate of attendance will be given to the participants.

Partners present:

Marlena Lakić, Mario Lovrić, Željko Habek (Učilište ULJANIK);
Heliana Gaspar Bibas, Dinis Nunes (EWF);
Juan Vicente Rosell, Arantza Casero (CESOL);
Pietro Consonni, Guiseppe Mastrangelo (IIS Progress);
Edita Margeta, Mirta Szügyi (IOŠ);
Robert Vidas, Goran Burazer (Končar MK).

Associated partners present:

Daniel Wilke (SVS), Natalija Gjeri Robić, Zlatko Zadelj (NCVVO).